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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The perks of going gray

I, Janelle, have found my first gray hair.  Technically, there are 3 of them, but who's counting?  I am choosing to believe that this is a case of stress-induced-gray caused by my pending divorce.  Don't tell me there isn't such a thing as stress-induced-gray, because I would really like to live in denial for a while longer :)
On the bright side (there is almost always a bright side) these 3 gray hairs may be exactly what I need.  You see, I am 26.  The average stranger who meets me usually guesses 19-20.  At my recent colonoscopy (apparently my body thinks I'm 50) the nurse who was prepping me was shocked to find out that I have a son.  I could almost hear the disdain in her voice.  She was thinking teen mother.  A minute later I somehow managed to sneak in that I am a teacher, to which she asked, "How old are you?"  Upon hearing my age she told me that I looked no older than her 19-year-old daughter.  This is a very regular occurrence for me.
In Hawaii a couple of years ago I ran into an an approximately 14-year-old boy while out boogie boarding.  He was a local who decided to teach all us tourists how to boogie board the right way.  Some way or another he asked how old I was.  When I told him he did not believe me!  I told him I had a husband and a son on the beach and he would not take my word for it until he saw for himself.  The age he guessed me to be: 16!
So, next time I am carded at an R-rated movie or given a dirty look from a judgemental old lady while shopping with my son, I will just whip out my 3 gray hairs and proudly proclaim, "See, I am old enough!"  I may have to start carrying around a little mirror for this purpose.  
I don't particularly want any more gray hairs for now, because that might mean I would have to start dyeing my hair like the typical female my age.  However, if I am going to start going gray I should at least use it to my advantage.

So what do you think-do I look my age?


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