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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday - "The Perks of Laryngitis"

I should probably go to the doctor. 
In fact, I should probably be put in a plastic bubble until retirement. 
I'm sick again.
This time, I have no voice.
Since I could literally not talk at all for much of yesterday, I stayed home.  With a squeaky, barely-there voice today, I decided to give it a try.
It could have been a disaster.  Really. Think about it - I teach 150 twelve to sixteen year olds throughout the day. 
Turns out - when teacher has to practically whisper while teaching Romeo and Juliet, They actually STOP TALKING and LISTEN. 
It's miraculous. 
Jesus may not be stepping in at the moment to fix my vocal cords with a dab of mud, all New Testament style, but he MUST have stepped in and miraculously silenced those of my students. :) It was awesome.
I need to remember this and do a little Fake Laryngitis next time, right?! :)  I'll take pity obedience any day.


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