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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesdays "The Rascally Ones"

You've Gotta Love Kids... 
Even (or especially) the rascally ones.
This was a note "from my mom" that a student gave me when his mom didn't show up to a conference we had scheduled. Turned out that the kid had forged every note all year and his mom had NO CLUE the conference had been scheduled. He actually thought I would believe this:

If that one doesn't make you smile.....
(or at least shake your head and roll your eyes)
Then nothing will.
(True Story)

Rambling by Rachae, Scanned Awesomeness from Anonymous Rascally Student in my class.


Allyson said...

I am sure I'll be getting a few of these when I'm a teacher. Thanks for sharing, It really did make me smile!


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