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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Sojourn - "Finding Your Saturday Drive"

I was raised to appreciate long drives.   My parents are the type of folks who might choose to go a few hours out of their way to take the “scenic route” across the state, while the rest of us turn on cruise control and hit I-90.  Because of this indoctrination, I’ve always loved the simple pleasures of a new location without time limits or agendas. 
A current favorite Saturday drive for my own little family is the 2 hour jaunt to Port Townsend.  Port Townsend is a delightfully eclectic little town known for having a colorful population of artists, hippies, outdoor enthusiasts and poets.  It’s the kind of town where we’ve witnessed a little girl riding a pony bedecked in flower garlands to the corner store, where you see dog water dishes outside many businesses on main street, and where an underground bistro gives you a little peek at the tunnels where the unlucky sailors were transported after they were shanghaied in local saloons… (or so I’ve heard over the years.) 
There are Farmers’ Markets, many beaches, an old fort with many bunkers up in the hills that can be explored with flashlights on a rainy day, and plenty of shops and treasures to be found.  While driving through town, you see the Victorian mansions beside funky little homes with rainbow colored chicken coops and Tibetan prayer flags.  And one of my personal favorites - the local deer population is commonly seen, and welcomed, in front yards and gardens right in the middle of town. 
I wish I could LIVE in Port Townsend.  Luckily, the drive is quick and scenic, so we can go as often as we’d like.  I wrote about it here, here, here, and here (see #2 on my bucket list.)
Find your own dreamy destination next Saturday.  You’ll be sure to fall in Love and return to the work week rejuvenated and inspired.


Allyson said...

This sounds so fun! I love interesting little towns, and the scenic route. Thanks for sharing!


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