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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness - Embracing your Nerdiness - or the nerdiness of others....

As one of his morning chores during warm weather days, Aidan is in charge of going to let the chickens out of their coop for some free range glory.  (My chickens are spoiled - You wouldn't believe how much.)
Anyways, one morning, I went to the window to check on him, and saw Aidan prancing across the lawn looking like this:
And my first thought was - "Oh my gosh! What a gloriously nerdy moment!"  And then, of course, my second thought was - "Where's my camera?!"
Basketball PJs, red rubber boots, fairy wings, bed-head, and a WAND. 
Someday Aidan will be a teenager. 
Someday he might think he's too big for his britches. 
For now - he's kind of a nerd. 
And I LOVE that about him.
Do you have any delightfully nerdy moments in your family?


Allyson said...

This one will come in handy on those "too big for his britches" days.


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