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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Foolishness – “Don’t worry – my knees always look this way.”

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I’m a firm believer in the power of celebratory self-deprecation. 
Yes, that’s a new phrase in the English language.  If it gains any momentum, I might just be famous for inventing it. Right? 
I’ve always figured that if life gives you an interesting nose – get it pierced!  If you have the most embarrassing experience in the world (let’s say you pee your pants from an unexpected sneeze, or accidentally shoot a piece of candy across a quiet restaurant when trying to open the package) – share it!   (1)
Well, Janelle and I have the “Family Knees.” 
While other gals might have nice little knobby knees, we have knees that are flat, oddly indented, and probably more comparable to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s knees than to any other female knees in the known universe. 
It doesn’t matter if we’re in our prime, running 10 miles a day, and confident enough to wear bikinis on a regular basis. (2) The knees still make a startling visual statement of rebellion.  In fact, given a lineup of dozens of anonymous knees, anyone who knows us could pick ours out of the crowd in no time at all.
When Janelle was pregnant, her OBGYN was taking inventory of all her swollen extremities and paused to express concern over the state of Janelle’s knees.  Although most other parts of her body were being stretched beyond their limits, Janelle could proudly claim, “Oh, don’t worry! My knees always look this way!” 
So, rather than get down about these honking knees of ours, we’ve decided they might as well be an asset. We might, as a matter of fact, come to LOVE these knees. 
These flat knees of mine make a nice solid platform when I kneel beside the bathtub to bathe my little children.
These knees are beneficial when excruciating back labor forced me on all fours for each contraction during the long hours before we headed to the hospital for my daughter’s birth.
These knees have fallen, risen, crawled on the ground.
They may not be dainty, but they’re mine. 
They’re ours. 
The Family Knees.
If my daughter grows up to have to the Family Knees, I’ll remind her that they’re also...
Perfect for kneeling in prayer.

(1.) These examples may or may not have any connection to the author of this post....
(2.) This state of fitness may or may not be in the far distant past for the author of this post....
Ramblings by Rachae, Photos by Janelle


Allyson said...

Thank you so much for reminding us to find silver linings and joy (which is my word of the year in my new post!). I am so enjoying reading your sweet views and following along!


amber said...

Ha ha! You guys are so funny. Love this post... and your knees! :)

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