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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Foolishness – "My Dryer has a bad Attitude"

My dryer has a bad attitude.  And It’s contagious.
Just 4 years after having to buy a new washer and dryer, the dryer is starting to throw in the towel with a death knell that can be heard throughout our household and beyond.
It does this shrill, extremely loud “BEEP..Beep..beep,beep,beep”  that won’t stop.  I may sound like I’m  Anthropomorphizing a machine, but this sound going on all day and night is really like a form of torture.  Lock a reluctant prisoner in my laundry room and he’ll spill the truth in an hour just to get away from this incessant noise.  It doesn’t matter if the dryer is in use or not.  In fact, if you try to use the dryer, it turns itself off after 30 seconds of tumbling, so I made my way through one load of laundry yesterday after pushing the start button roughly 547 times. 
We’ve practically taken it apart.  We’ve cleaned the filter a zillion times.  We’ve checked the duct, read the manual, looked it up online. 
Turns out – our dryer is simply a JERK. 
We’ve even punched it.
When I caught myself ranting and raving at my dryer, I finally realized that, other than the annoyance factor, this was actually pretty funny.   I mean, when I finally unplugged the dryer to make it stop the racket, I half suspected it to continue to beep at me, an event that would have had me packing up and moving into a friends’ house until the exorcist arrived and either removed the demon – or my dryer. (at this point – they are synonymous in my opinion!)
Gotta love an appliance gone bad.  At least for the comic aspect.  Right?  And who doesn’t love hanging out in Laundromats ……


Anonymous said...

I completely understand an appliance that is not compliant. I don't know why they have to be such big pains in the butt! ;)
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