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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Madness “15 Minutes of Fame = Baffle a Local Doctor”

It’s pretty cool being famous... 

Even if you’re famous for being bit by a diseased tick…. Along with your whole family.
My sisters, my dad, and I were all infected with Lymes Disease when Janelle was 4 and I was 10.   We had been camping, and apparently had come into contact with a vengeful little tick determined to make its mark in the local medical community by taking out a whole family in one swoop. We were the first documented case in our city.  Times four.
While Shawna and I had very few symptoms, Dad and Janelle were extremely sick before they both finally beat the disease and went into remission. 
While having a rare disease is no picnic, you might as well look on the bright side, right?  We may have had dark circles under our eyes and may have looked a wee bit pale and ghastly, but we got a free family photo op and made the front page of the Spokane Newspaper.  Above the fold.
Because that’s how we roll in my family. 
You go big… or you go home.
Gotta love a good conversational piece like this.


Allyson said...

That's how it always happens for me! Any time I'm in the paper it's always for something a bee swarm on a field trip.


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