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Friday, January 20, 2012

"A Major Award"

Tonight I feel the need to recreate the moment from "A Christmas Story" when the dad gets his major award in a box labeled "fragile."  I love that part :)  In all seriousness, though, we did get our own award.  While it is not a leg lamp, it is just as awesome and certainly less hideous.  We got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Allyson at Cupcakes & Candy Canes.  Thank you, Allyson!  We definitely appreciate your support :)

If you haven't heard, the Liebster Blog Award is to recognize newer blogs, with less than 200 followers. This gives us all the opportunity to talk about the blogs we love while helping our own blogs grow too. 
    The rules for the award are:
        1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
        2. Link back to the blogger who awarded/nominated you.
        3. Copy and paste the blog award to your blog.
        4. Reveal your top 5 blog picks!
        5. Drop by your top 5 picks and let them know you chose them by commenting on their blog!
Here are our top 5 picks:
This is a great mommy blog about a seriously cute toddler, and since we are both moms we love to read Momma blogs of all kinds :)
The Souders' Saga 
Another mommy blog with a beautiful toddler and some beautiful photography.  I (Janelle) love looking at the variety of beautiful shots that people get of their kids, so this blog inspires me to get busy taking pictures of my son, Graesen.

Wilkinson Way 
A mommy blog with beautiful pictures and sweet stories about her little guy.

Unexpectedly Expecting Baby 
This mom has great stories about her adventures in motherhood, wedding planning, and being a nanny.

Treasuring the little Things 
 A beautiful blog by a Christian mom.  She takes wonderful pictures and throws awesome kid birthday parties.


Brittany said...

WOW!!!!! I'm speechless:))))) Thank you Thank you! I appreciate this so much. It definitely made my day!

Ok, so now I have to get to thinking about who I want to nominate! Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlie said...

Thank you for the award and sweet blog description! So nice to "meet" you and will certainly be following along!

Heather said...

Thank you so much! So sorry I am just finding this out! :) So sweet of you all to think of me! I just LOVE mom blogs... that make me feel a little less crazy! :)

I will be reposting soon!

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