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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Madness - "If Life Gives You a Scooter..."

Janelle and I are the kind of gals you might call “accident prone.”  While doing nothing out of the ordinary, we manage to break, strain, lacerate, jar loose, and otherwise mangle our various body parts in various and unpredictable ways.  (We’ll revisit this theme time and again.)  A couple of years ago, for example, I had been attending the birth of  Janelle’s son for a few days or so and was just going to head back home when I managed to get a random injury that came out of the blue and left me unable to walk for weeks.  (this is a standard Rachae kind of injury)
I was casually walking to the car to load the luggage I had carried along for my daughter, myself, and my big mountain of a dog, when I suddenly felt a twinge in my foot.  Or, to be more accurate, it was as though someone had stabbed a knife in the region of my left inner ankle.  Mind you – I hadn’t tripped, hadn’t dropped anything, hadn’t twisted… I was just walking along normally when it hit me. 
 Thinking I had some odd case of a particularly strong Charlie Horse or something, I hobbled the rest of the way and proceeded to drive back across the wastelands to the wet and wild part of Washington State.  About half way through this 6-hour journey, I needed to stop to let the dog out and to change a diaper.  Forgetting the earlier ankle pain, I hopped out of the car only to howl in surprise and pain when I realized I couldn’t put any weight at all on my left foot.  I ended up hopping on my right foot to let the dog pee and change my daughter’s diaper.  It was a busy day on the highway, so I had a few bemused spectators at the rest stop as I sweated through this ordeal. 
My family was not at all surprised when I later called to tell them that I could no longer walk and had been struck down by some unseen malady.  To make a long story short, after 3 separate doctor visits, an X-ray finally showed a little fragment of bone floating around in my ankle.  The doctors say it must have been injured years ago and finally wiggled loose, causing me pain that seemingly came out of nowhere. 
I was prescribed an awesome little knee scooter as a consolation prize.  Not to be brought low by this new mode of transportation,
I decided to give it some bling and enjoy this unplanned foray into immobility.

You see, if life gives you a scooter, you might as well Bling your Ride. 
And so I did.


Allyson said...

I knew your blog would be fabulous! I am definitely looking forward to following along!


Anonymous said...

I completely understand the unbearable pain of a broken ankle. It's no fun! However, the ankle scooter bling is a brilliant idea! Super funny! I had this ugly little bootie that I just walked around in with a neon orange cast for 2 months. Talk about attractive. FEEL BETTER SOON!
P.S. I love your blog so far! Especially the title!

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